Bayside Headache Clinic offers expert assessment and treatment of all types of headache and migraine using the Watson Headache Approach. Our initial appointment last for up to 90 minutes and includes:
  • a comprehensive history of your pain
  • safety testing of the vertebral arteries and upper cervical stability ligaments
  • a physical examination to confirm if the upper 3 levels of your neck is causing your pain
  • reproduction of your familiar headache pain by individual and specifically stressing the joints in the upper 3 levels of your neck
  • a thorough explanation of why you get your pain and how we can help
  • a 3 stage treatment plan - including when we stop if it's not working!
We can eliminate of significantly reduce the pain of headache or migraine in 80% of the clients we see. Our average client has only 8-10 sessions in total.
Success Rate

The Watson Headache Approach

The 3 Stages of Treatment

At Bayside Headache Clinic we have 3 stages of treatment. These are: Assessment, Block of 4 and Spacing out Learn more about each stage below.
A 90 minute assessment consultation with a comprehensive history, safety testing, physical examination and treatment. We give you an explanation of why you get headaches or migraines, and where they are coming from.
Block of 4
4 follow up sessions booked over a 2 week period with expert hands on treatment to start getting your headaches or migraines under control. At the end of these 4 sessions we expect you to have a positive change to your symptoms.
Spacing Out
With your headaches or migraines coming under control we start to space your appointments out, while maintaining control over the physical factors causing your pain. Most people have 3-5 sessions in this stage of treatment.

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